Global Event’s Non-Standard Entertainment Lovers’ League

…wow, what a long name! Known as ‘Global Event‘ company, produced by great creative director and businessman Sergey Sabanin, this league of professionals comprise one of the best entertainment agencies in Moscow (…well, ex-Soviet Union also, I presume), that can deliver helicopter races, safari challenges, Grand Theft Auto excitements for luxurious clients!

GTA, fashion, disco, boy and girl fashion illustration for Global Event

It was a great pleasure to work for this project, delivering a mix of fashion, glamour, comics and GTA style illustration!

Girls and helicopters

I know you miss the ‘savior army’ motive ;-))) How about this aggressive sexy fashion illustration:

GTA style inspired

This is the first-in-a-row Grand Theft Auto style illustration that I’m doing for a really cool Moscow producer and event organizer, Sergey Sabanin. I’ll do another one very soon.