Spyder4PRO — first colorimeter in my life ))))

Hey there! Guys, I’m working on something very-very cool. I’m super busy since November ’11: this is a massive project, and I’ll post a sneak peak soon! ))))

Today I wanted to say thank you to my little helper in this project!!! It’s the first-in-my-life ))))) colorimeter! I use it to control sophisticated settings of my Wacom Cintiq 21UX and MacBook Pro displays, and it makes sure they show the «real» color:

Spyder4pro Review Macbook Wacom Calibration

So now, here’s a confession: I work a lot ;) And should I work during the daylight, in the evening with curtains open, or deep in the night with only table lamp on, — I fully trust my Spyder4PRO calibrating and configuring display profile on Mac OS X properly. It does it so elegantly easy!

I am a happy-happy-happy user of Datacolor Spyder4Pro ! Thanks, little Spyder!

Carry on, I got two small videos that show how it works… And hey, I promise — next post would be a sneak preview of my super project ))))))

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