Vespa Scooter & Polka Dot

Speaking about luxury, glamour and fashion… how could I avoid Vespa and polka dots till now???!!!

What about this one?.. :)))

Vespa Scooter & Polka Dot - for sale!

Hope I encouraged someone to buy a used Vespa somewhere on local sale )))

Don’t forget to hit «Like»! Especially, if you find polka dot dress and high-heels suitable for windy scooter rides :))))))

I do, by the way!

«Big Book Of Fashion Illustration» by Martin Dawber

I’ve been published in Martin Dawber’s Big Book Of Fashion (released 2007)!

“Big Book Of Fashion Illustration” by Martin Dawber

If you want to buy it, go to shop, for example: By the way, if you click on ‘Images‘ , you will also see my illustration — OZON’s editors probably read the book through ;-))

It’s  also on Amazon, of course: , and you can also ‘Search inside‘ :-)

Cote d’Azur

villa for ServiceAzur

After me, Flash designer animated my work!

Small waves on water and man’s hand slowly stiring martini sometimes.

It’s a great effect — to do little animation over well-detailed illustration.

Check this illustration online at Service Azur‘s web-site!