My illustrations for the new book by gorgeous Alexander Dobrovinsky, 2014

mambeeba_dobrovinsky_maid mambeeba_maid_dobrovinsky mambeeba_paris_dobrovinsky mambeeba_dobrovinsky_tatler mambeeba_tatler_dobrovinsky

В данный момент книга доступна для всех уголков мира, т к есть в электронном варианте на Литрес Если вы хотите ее заказать в твердом переплете, то это также возможно сделать в интернет магазине О

Tatler Russia, October 2010

Hooray! Here’s my illustration for Tatler fashion magazine!

This was October 2010 issue, — you can still find it in shops! I illustrated a chapter from a brand new Eugenia Mikulina’s book ‘VAMP — Woman’, here we go:

Tatler - Евгения Микулина\

Tatler - Евгения Микулина …AND one more version — Женщиина VAMP  Евгения Микулина

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«Doctors to Children» & HIV AIDS women discrimination prosecution

Here is a self-explanatory order I received from Non-profit organization «Doctors to Children«, launching a project against HIV AIDS women discrimination.

HIV AIDS & Women discrimination prosecution

God bless these people, they really work to make world better.

Water Filters & Mini Cooper

Hi again! I use water filter every day, — and there’s a Dewberry company out in United Kingdom that makes water filters day by day! So, it took us a little while to meet, and create illustrations for their lottery with Mini Cooper as the biggest prize!

Water filters will have special stickers with serial number, participating in a lottery! Everyone in United Kingdom can participate! And my illustrations are showing how to use a water filter to win Mini Cooper!

Here are the outcomes! Three-two-one!

Water Filters & Mini CooperWater Filters & Mini CooperWater Filters & Mini Cooper

While drawing this, I managed to create the ‘modern wife’ character that was required for the marketing campaign. She’s not a young girl, — a lady, she’s not glamourous — yet really sexy, and she’s Mini Cooper owner!!! ;-)