Funky Mama ))) Fashion for Pregnant

Phew! I finally got first sample photos for the long-delayed FunkyMama Project))) It’s a fashion t-shirts (and not only, it’s just my portion!) project for pregnant women!

T-shirts for pregnant women are not only specially designed for future mama’s comfort, but they carry a statement )))) And it was my job to make sure it appeals! Here you go, check it:

Are You Ready to give up Martini drinking - fashion for pregnant women Hapiness is not a destination, is a way of life - fashion for pregnant women

Coming Soon - diamond dummy! My favorite :)))) - fashion for pregnant women Miss You very much, my dear high heels! - fashion for pregnant women

La-la-la :) So, the idea is to capture what every mama thinks about during pregnancy and «maternity leave» — in terms of fashion & glamour life, of course!

  • «Are You Ready» to give up Martini drinking?
  • «Hapiness» is not a destination, is a way of life!!!
  • «Coming Soon» — my lovely diamond dummy! My favorite :))))
  • «Miss You» very much, my dear high heels!

Hey, mamas, would you fancy any of these t-shirts when you were out to parties pregnant? :))) Write comments! And hit «Share» to post to your Facebook profile :)))

So I’ll update you folks on this project as it goes!