Russian Style Graphic Novel

As promised guys )))) Here’s something from a interesting and cool project that I work on since November ’11…

Her name is Nastassia…

She will live in style, in a place never imagined before, managing business never heard of, and dealing with problems we wouldn’t think about for many more years. Her life would be vanity.

Her thoughts would be skyline-high and her actions — hurricane-strong.

…She comes alive, slowly and inevitably, as me and Athony Pham work on every page of our project… Nastassia will be the key character of a ground-breaking graphic novel book, to be published in the US…

Meet Nastassia:

Russian Style Fashion Illustration


Do you like her?… Isn’t she cool?..))))))))))

Hugs and kisses,


«Love me or leave me and let me be lonely»

Love me or leave me

Great song by amazing Nina Simone inspired me again ;-)

Now I finished a few prints for T-Sirts and bags, will publish them all soon! As of now, please welcome this «Love me or leave me and let me be lonely» illustration

Last time I’ve drawn a lot of wings :-)

One Way - Angel Girl (Print)

Last months a few of my customers asked me to draw lots of wings for a different projects. Of course all of them are wings of LOVE :-), but my portfolio will look very strange ;-))))

Originally this artwork was made as a line drawing for a T-Shirt and bag prints. I hope to get photos of those pieces soon!!!

Exhibition in St.Petersburg — from Oct. 24 to Nov. 11 ‘ETAZHI’ loft project


My work on Vivienne Westwood is once again with TOPSHOP‘s exhibition ‘Contributors 2. Top Names of British Fashion ‘ this time in Saint-Petersburg!


From October 24 to November 11, you can see this work in ‘ETAZHI’ loft project. How to get there? Check you destination here: 

I’ll be at the opening, on October 23.


Global Event’s Non-Standard Entertainment Lovers’ League

…wow, what a long name! Known as ‘Global Event‘ company, produced by great creative director and businessman Sergey Sabanin, this league of professionals comprise one of the best entertainment agencies in Moscow (…well, ex-Soviet Union also, I presume), that can deliver helicopter races, safari challenges, Grand Theft Auto excitements for luxurious clients!

GTA, fashion, disco, boy and girl fashion illustration for Global Event

It was a great pleasure to work for this project, delivering a mix of fashion, glamour, comics and GTA style illustration!