Vespa Scooter & Polka Dot

Speaking about luxury, glamour and fashion… how could I avoid Vespa and polka dots till now???!!!

What about this one?.. :)))

Vespa Scooter & Polka Dot - for sale!

Hope I encouraged someone to buy a used Vespa somewhere on local sale )))

Don’t forget to hit «Like»! Especially, if you find polka dot dress and high-heels suitable for windy scooter rides :))))))

I do, by the way!

Exhibition in St.Petersburg — from Oct. 24 to Nov. 11 ‘ETAZHI’ loft project


My work on Vivienne Westwood is once again with TOPSHOP‘s exhibition ‘Contributors 2. Top Names of British Fashion ‘ this time in Saint-Petersburg!


From October 24 to November 11, you can see this work in ‘ETAZHI’ loft project. How to get there? Check you destination here: 

I’ll be at the opening, on October 23.


Contributors 2. Top Names of British Fashion

Иллюстрация для выставки «Contributors.Top Names of British Fashion».

Оригинальная работа немного откорректирована всвязи с большим вниманием к персоне великой и эпатажной Вивьен Вествуд…..

Так будет выглядеть иллюстрация на выставке! ;-) О времени и месте проведения сообщу, как только получу информацию. Пока планирую слетать в Столицу на открытие ;-)

Contributors. Top Names of British Fashion



I’m really inspired by Vivienne Westwood! She’s one of my favorite-favorite fashion designers ever!!! Her web-site is

Don’t you know her?

Dame Vivienne Westwood (born 8 April 1941) is an English fashion designer largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. She is linked with the Sex Pistols via Malcolm McLaren and their SEX/Seditionaries boutique on King’s Road, in London during the 1970s.

More about her biography can be found on this page:

I love you Vivienne! ;-)))