Spyder4PRO — first colorimeter in my life ))))

Hey there! Guys, I’m working on something very-very cool. I’m super busy since November ’11: this is a massive project, and I’ll post a sneak peak soon! ))))

Today I wanted to say thank you to my little helper in this project!!! It’s the first-in-my-life ))))) colorimeter! I use it to control sophisticated settings of my Wacom Cintiq 21UX and MacBook Pro displays, and it makes sure they show the «real» color:

Spyder4pro Review Macbook Wacom Calibration

So now, here’s a confession: I work a lot ;) And should I work during the daylight, in the evening with curtains open, or deep in the night with only table lamp on, — I fully trust my Spyder4PRO calibrating and configuring display profile on Mac OS X properly. It does it so elegantly easy!

I am a happy-happy-happy user of Datacolor Spyder4Pro ! Thanks, little Spyder!

Carry on, I got two small videos that show how it works… And hey, I promise — next post would be a sneak preview of my super project ))))))

Читать далее

Chinatown MRT

Here comes my latest work, non-commercial (and hence available for sale / for expo).

Inspired by Chinatown MRT Station in Singapore. I called it «Chinatown MRT»:

Chinatown MRT Singapore Maneki Neko

I don’t have much to add… It’s probably one of those works that you just do…

Should you be interested to sponsor an expo / purchase it: I’ve got a high-res, 110 x 100 cm and 300dpi resolution.

Do you like Maneki Neko — a flavor of Japan, so cute, isn’t it?.. And how many Koi fishes you see?..

Leave comments, share on Facebook! ;-)


Vespa Scooter & Polka Dot

Speaking about luxury, glamour and fashion… how could I avoid Vespa and polka dots till now???!!!

What about this one?.. :)))

Vespa Scooter & Polka Dot - for sale!

Hope I encouraged someone to buy a used Vespa somewhere on local sale )))

Don’t forget to hit «Like»! Especially, if you find polka dot dress and high-heels suitable for windy scooter rides :))))))

I do, by the way!

Funky Mama ))) Fashion for Pregnant

Phew! I finally got first sample photos for the long-delayed FunkyMama Project))) It’s a fashion t-shirts (and not only, it’s just my portion!) project for pregnant women!

T-shirts for pregnant women are not only specially designed for future mama’s comfort, but they carry a statement )))) And it was my job to make sure it appeals! Here you go, check it:

Are You Ready to give up Martini drinking - fashion for pregnant women Hapiness is not a destination, is a way of life - fashion for pregnant women

Coming Soon - diamond dummy! My favorite :)))) - fashion for pregnant women Miss You very much, my dear high heels! - fashion for pregnant women

La-la-la :) So, the idea is to capture what every mama thinks about during pregnancy and «maternity leave» — in terms of fashion & glamour life, of course!

  • «Are You Ready» to give up Martini drinking?
  • «Hapiness» is not a destination, is a way of life!!!
  • «Coming Soon» — my lovely diamond dummy! My favorite :))))
  • «Miss You» very much, my dear high heels!

Hey, mamas, would you fancy any of these t-shirts when you were out to parties pregnant? :))) Write comments! And hit «Share» to post to your Facebook profile :)))

So I’ll update you folks on this project as it goes!


Coming soon…

new works coming soon

I am in a very very very good mood ;-)))))))

Summer is coming soon, Sun is shining  and I’m involved into a few interesting projects.

Unfortunatelly I can’t post new works here before my Customers’ releases…..

Listening Nina Simon’s Fileeng Good and other songs from the Repo Men sound track. Still being reeeeeeally fascinated by the movie I fell in love recently!!! :-)