Russian Style Graphic Novel

As promised guys )))) Here’s something from a interesting and cool project that I work on since November ’11…

Her name is Nastassia…

She will live in style, in a place never imagined before, managing business never heard of, and dealing with problems we wouldn’t think about for many more years. Her life would be vanity.

Her thoughts would be skyline-high and her actions — hurricane-strong.

…She comes alive, slowly and inevitably, as me and Athony Pham work on every page of our project… Nastassia will be the key character of a ground-breaking graphic novel book, to be published in the US…

Meet Nastassia:

Russian Style Fashion Illustration


Do you like her?… Isn’t she cool?..))))))))))

Hugs and kisses,


Chinatown MRT

Here comes my latest work, non-commercial (and hence available for sale / for expo).

Inspired by Chinatown MRT Station in Singapore. I called it «Chinatown MRT»:

Chinatown MRT Singapore Maneki Neko

I don’t have much to add… It’s probably one of those works that you just do…

Should you be interested to sponsor an expo / purchase it: I’ve got a high-res, 110 x 100 cm and 300dpi resolution.

Do you like Maneki Neko — a flavor of Japan, so cute, isn’t it?.. And how many Koi fishes you see?..

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Vespa Scooter & Polka Dot

Speaking about luxury, glamour and fashion… how could I avoid Vespa and polka dots till now???!!!

What about this one?.. :)))

Vespa Scooter & Polka Dot - for sale!

Hope I encouraged someone to buy a used Vespa somewhere on local sale )))

Don’t forget to hit «Like»! Especially, if you find polka dot dress and high-heels suitable for windy scooter rides :))))))

I do, by the way! — Luxury is our playground™


Finally! After almost a year since The Owner of , a very, very, very respectable gentleman from Brisbane (Australia), contracted me for the project, their web- site is up! Hence, I can publish my illustration, which is no longer a mega-secret!

Check out this site’s splash screen banner :

Luxury is our playground™ - Billionaire Toys dot com

Luxury is our playground™ — this is the portal’s motto, — and I totally concur)))))

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